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Taxa dezempregu iha Timor-Leste sa’e desde nasaun ne’e hetan ninia independensia iha tinan 2002. 11.9% hosi Timór-oan milliaun 1.2 laiha servisu no 64% hosi sira ne’e joven no idade produtivu entre idade 18 to’o idade 24.

Clemen Mesquita no Venizia Carvalho hanesan tipu joven barak ne’ebé susar atu hetan servisu iha Timor-Leste. Sira nain rua gradua hosi eskola sekundária vokasional, iha esperansa ida atu hetan servisu ida wainhira sira-nia idade 20 hodi suporta sira-nia an no familia. Desde remata estudu, sira kompleta ona formasaun no estajiu ho instituisaun sira governu nian, maibé sira-nia esforsu seidauk iha rezultadu hodi asegura servisu ida.

Clemen gasta tempu tinan rua serbisu voluntariamente ho estasaun rádiu governu nian ida iha Aileu hodi aplika abilidade hirak ne’ebé nia hetan hosi eskola vokasional, ho esperansa atu hetan servisu permanente ho estasaun ne’e maibé ema ignora nia bainhira prosesu rekrutamentu hahú. Ho ida ne’e, nia disidi atu hahú ninia negósiu rasik, hadia sasan elektróniku sira hanesan televizaun no telefone maibé hafoin covid-19 mosu nia labele hetan fundu natoon atu hahú negósiu ne’e.

Desde tempu ne’eba kedas, nia involve an iha organizasaun juventude ida ho naran Juventude ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasionál (JDN) ne’ebé foka liu atu dezenvolve abilidade joven sira nian hodi eduka no involve sira-nia maluk sira hodi foti asaun ba problema hirak ne’ebé afeita sira-nia moris. JDN fornsese abilidade iha administrasaun, edukasaun komunitária no abilidade kondusaun (lori kareta) ba Clemen no Venezia.

Hafoin involve an iha JDN, dala ida tan Clemen iha esperansa ida atu loron ida bele hetan servisu ida ne’ebé estável. Nia fiar katak nia iha abilidade atu oferese ba dezenvolvimentu Timor-Leste nian, maibé oras ne’e daudaun laiha oportunidade servisu natoon ba joven sira hanesan nia.


“Ha’u hakarak enkoraja joven Timór-oan atu labele lakon esperansa hodi buka servisu, maibé hanesan joven Timór-oan ida ami tenki hetan oportunidade servisu ne’ebé sufisiente” Maun Clemen.


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The unemployment rate in Timor-Leste has been rising since the country gained its independence in 2002. 11.9% of 1.2 million Timorese are unemployed and 64% of them are young and productive aged between 18 to 24 years old.

Clemen Mesquita and Venizia Carvalho are typical of many young people struggling to find a job in Timor-Leste. Both graduated from vocational secondary school, expecting to find a job in their 20s to support their themselves and their familes. Since then, they have completed further training and internships with government’s institutions, but their efforts have not yet resulted in securing a job.

Clemen spent two years working voluntarily with a community radio station in Aileu applying skills he gained from vocational school, with a hope of being hired to work permanently with the station but was overlooked when the recruitment process started. As a result, he decided to start his own business fixing electronics like televisions and phones but after covid-19 hit he was unable to collect enough capital to start the business.

Since then, he’s joined the youth organization Juventude ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasionál (JDN) which focuses on developing the skills of young people to educate and engage their peers in taking action on the issues affecting their lives. JDN is providing Clemen and Venezia with skills in administration, community education and driving. After joining JDN, Clemen once again has a hope to get a stable job one day. He believes that he has skills to offer to the development of Timor-Leste, but currently there are not enough job opportunities for young people like him.

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“I would like to encourage young Timorese to never lose a hope to seek for a job, but as a young Timorese we need to be given enough job opportunities.” Maun Clemen

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