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Australia Awards Alumni and Civil Service Commissioner Carmeneza dos Santos Monteiro from Lautém is passionate about using her skills and knowledge to improve public policy in Timor-Leste.
In her teenage years she was more interested in supporting the guerilla fighters to secure independence than in her education. “Most of the time I wouldn’t go to school. I’d go and organise different things with colleagues to support the guerilla fighters for independence”.
But thanks to the efforts of an Indonesian nun, Sister Carolina, who was who was her Highschool Headmistress and teacher in Lospalos,. . . read more >

There are more than 335 Australia Awards alumni in Timor-Leste, many are in influential positions in government, civil society and the private sector. All of them are working to give back to Timor-Leste supporting the countries development. This year alumni through the Timor-Leste Australia Alumni Association (TL3A) have been focusing on supporting the governments COVID-19 response.

Vocational centre provides hospitality training

Ten staff from guest houses across Bobonaro municipality joined a 2-day hospitality training program covering customer service, housekeeping, food safety and hygiene and tips on how to manage and develop a successful hospitality business. The hands-on training approach, funded with Australian Aid, w

Alumni raise awareness of cervical cancer and adolescent sexual and reproductive health

According to the 2015 census, 20 percent of Timor-Leste’s population are adolescents aged 10 to 19, and nearly 42 percent are aged 15 to 24. But many lack information about their sexual and reproductive health.   Australia Awards alumni Dr Triana Corte-Real de Oliveira and Umbelina Rodrigues

Dalan Ba Hetan Empregu Campaign

TV Talkshow series to promote solution focused discussion about the employment situation in TL, including high levels of youth employment and the post COVID economic recovery.

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Timor-Leste Australia Alumni Association

Small grants make a big difference in local communities

Meet health and nutrition graduates and Australia Awards alumni Celestina and Imaculada. After both

Government’s COVID-19 response get’s a boost from Austalia Awards Alumni

Government’s COVID-19 response get’s a boost from Austalia Awards Alumni The Board and members o

Labour Mobility Support

Linking TVET closely to labour mobility, the program is working with SEFOPE to embed labour mobility preparation activities and courses in training centres, with a focus on training for municipal candidates in the work ready pool.

At the reintegration phase of the labour mobility cycle we will guide DNEE and other SEFOPE units to support returning labour mobility workers to develop small businesses, find work and continue developing their skills. Reintegration work and support for worker entrepreneurship also links clearly to our strategic focus on supporting employment growth as part of Timor-Leste’s economic recovery.

Through 2020-21 we will also continue working closely with the Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) and SEFOPE to support core labour mobility team capacity, operations and infrastructure.

TVET Strengthening

TVET Strengthening Photo

In 2020-21 support will be provided to INDMO and DNFP to progress their TVET priorities, including developing the recognition of prior learning (RPL) system, industry outreach training in hospitality and ongoing support for quality improvement (QIP) of targeted training centres. QIP support includes ongoing training of trainers, support for centre accreditation, development of facilities including greenhouses, water access and training restaurants and support to develop business plans. Each activity reflects an ongoing focus on linking industry to the TVET sector to encourage demand driven training. This includes industry competency as part of QIPs, the RPL project and industry outreach training, but also a Labour Market Information and Industry focus to continue activities (eg. workshops between industry and training centres) which develop the responsiveness of TVET to industry needs.

Responding to industry, the program will continue to work closely with the Hotel Association of Timor-Leste, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Timor-Leste and other key hospitality employers to support  the TVET system to develop products that meet industry needs in target locations. This includes skill gap training for HoTL members and industry outreach training in tourism hot spots.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships are an initiative of the Government of Australia providing citizens of Timor-Leste with the opportunity to obtain a qualification at an Australian tertiary institution. The awards aim to develop capacity and leadership skills so that individuals can contribute at the individual, institutional and national levels.

They also provide a high-quality education to talented Timorese citizens who are identified as being future leaders and who have the potential to make a significant contribution to national and regional prosperity.

At least one award each year is reserved for an applicant living with a permanent disability for diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate study. Women and people living in rural areas are also encouraged to apply. For more information, advice and application tips visit

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Reviews & Reports

The program produces a range of reports and reviews highlighting progress against program goals. Our reports also examine specific projects and concepts to help us and our partners analyse and grow inclusive pathways to education and employment for all Timorese.

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