Timor’s Got Talent

The second Alumni of the Year award was presented by Australia’s Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter Roberts to Dr Felix Piedade at a Cocktails and Canapes event.

The award is presented annually by the Timor-Leste Australia Awards Alumni Association (TL3A) to an alumni who has demonstrated exceptional service to the development of Timor-Leste, nominated by their peers.

@FlindersUniversity alumni Dr Felix has been working for the G7+ since 2019 and is passionate about promoting peace, stability and nation building.  His outreach work includes encouraging young people to get involved in their country’s development.

Congratulations also go to runners up Jose do Karmo, disability rights advocate and volunteer lecturer at UNTL’s Department of Social Inclusion, and Madalena Hanjam for setting up the first Timor-Leste palliative care centre for the terminally ill, Casa Esperanca.

If you’ve completed a scholarship in Australia and are from Timor-Leste you can join the TL3A by contacting the alumni secretariat coordinator Herminia.Martins@thepalladiumgroup.com

The association currently has seven groups working on specific development projects and also provides small grants each year to fund special projects.

You can find our more and follow the work of the TL3A on facebook @ausTLalumni

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