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October 25, 2021


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The Workforce Development program funded by the Australian government to support Timor-Leste’s workforce development goals. The program has two main components managing Scholarship and alumni program and Australia Labour Mobility Schemes, both program has been implemented with close collaboration with Government of Timor Leste.

The End-of-program outcome is that Timor-Leste women and men supported by the program utilize their skills, knowledge, work experience and income.

The Workforce Development program through its components supports human capacity and leadership development through Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) study in Australia and mobilisation of seasonal workers to work and gain experience in Australia through the Labour Mobility Schemes program, the program continues provide on-going professional development for both the alumni after completion of study and the returned seasonal workers after working in Australia.

 Professional Development for Australian Alumni and female public servant.

The program and DFAT Post are committed to further develop the leadership skills of women alumni and public servants in Timor-Leste and the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) is committed to gender equity and social inclusion within its public sector and related private sector partners.

In 2018, WDPTL delivered a leadership course in association with trainers from Monash University 16 female alumni. Course participants feedback highlighted that they benefited from the opportunity to exchange experiences, hear from motivating speakers, and the positive interaction and engagement during the workshop. However, some of the learning material, would have benefited from being more contextual to Timor-Leste’s experience.

There remains a strong appetite for leadership training amongst female alumni. Alumni professional development survey findings (Feb 2021) showed that 19 out of 30 female respondents had an interest in leadership training. Further, according to the program’s alumni database, 61% of a total of 142 female alumni are currently categorised as holding influential/senior positions (e.g. Director, Deputy Director, CEO, Program Manager) compared with 70% of a total of 197 male alumni.

In addition, the program conducted a survey with 33 public servant English language short course participants and identified that 13 female public servants were interested in women in leadership training.


Course participants to develop their leadership, influencing and communication skills. To have an opportunity to strengthen their networks and develop career plans to help position them for leadership opportunities in their workplace.

The short course will be delivered for up to 25 participants including female Australia Awards alumni and public servants in leadership roles.

The course can be delivered through a combination of face to face and online teaching. However, it is recognised that COVID 19 restrictions may result in a high percentage of the course being delivered online.  As such the provider will need to be able to switch course content as required.

International consultants need to take account of current travel restrictions to Timor-Leste and should therefore hold existing connections in country to support course delivery.

Local knowledge of the Timor-Leste context including an understanding of the experience of women working in organisations and government departments in country is also highly desirable.

The required serve

WDPTL is seeking proposals from local or international training centres, universities or international organisations who understand the local working context for women in Timor-Leste and have the skills to undertake the training needs assessment and to develop and deliver the short course.


The training should mainly be delivered in English, with some Tetum, but it is important that training examples take account of the Timorese context:


First stage: pre-assessment

  • Conduct a training needs assessment to identify participants aims and the development areas and focus of course topics to be covered.


Second stage: Develop and deliver short course

It is envisaged that the course content would include the following, but this should be refined following the training needs assessment.

  • Strategies to understand structural barriers and to overcome women’s advancement in leadership positions
  • Strategies to identify the barriers and challenges female alumni and women in government face in their working environment
  • Strategies to manage, lead and influence decision making in their respective fields
  • Strategies for planning and management
  • How to work effectively with your line manager and director and other stakeholders
  • Improving communication with stakeholders through written, verbal and writing skills
  • Individual career development including how to find and approach a mentor


A mix of theory, practical tasks will be included in the approach and leadership and management learning will be based in the reality of participants career stage context.


Third stage: Evaluation and future recommendations 

  • Feedback survey
  • Completion reports consist of lesson learnt and future recommendations

 Total days of input required for this activity estimated at 16 days

No Activities Estimated Days
1 Needs assessment and course development 5 days
2 Course delivery 8 days
3 Evaluation 1 day
4 Completion report & lesson learnt to inform future short course content and delivery. Including recommendations 2 days


Expected outcome

  • Improved understanding of, and engagement with structural barriers to advance women’s status specific to Timor-Leste
  • Improved capacity to manage relations with colleagues and influence decision-making in the workplace
  • Improved planning and management skills
  • Improved communication skills – verbal, written and strategic
  • An enhanced capacity to identify personal values, motivations, and realistic career goals
  • A completed career plan
  • An appreciation of the benefits of self-care and resilience


Information to be submitted

To respond to the Terms of Reference, please submit the following items with reference to the above selection criteria:


  1. A company profile including your experience in delivery women leadership course
  2. Plan for the workshop- sessions, who will facilitate, activities etc
  3. Plan for career consultation- how and who to deliver
  4. Plan for individual career development including how to find and approach a mentor

Selection Criteria

  1. Local training centre, university, international organisation, international university that has connection with and experience in Timor Leste
  2. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in facilitating workshops in the women leadership area
  3. Demonstrated experience in designing pre-assessment and course development
  4. Understanding of the labour industry and working context for women in Timor-Leste
  5. Value for money
  6. The proposals should include:


  • A detailed plan for the needs assessment and course content development
  • Training methodology
  • A cover letter/motivation letter explaining why they are the most suitable for the work, information about the team members
  • Trainers
  • Budget details

Payment Term

  • WDPTL will pay supplier base on deliverability via online.
  • Payment will be done based on invoice submitted by supplier.
No Payment schedule Percentage Date
1 First payment on the award of the tender 40% November 2021
2 Second payment: The training has been conducted in Timor Leste 40% End March 2022
3 Third payment and submission and approval of final training report 20% End May 2022



No Activities Time
1 Request for proposal start October 2021
2 Proposal evaluation and award of tender late RFQ for Women in Leadership shortcourseOctober 2021
3 Provider conducts ‘needs assessment’ with selected course participants November- December 2021
4 Provider shares course modules for review and sign off January 2022
5 Delivery of leadership training Mid-February – Mid-April 2022
6 Feedback survey Late April 2022
7 Activity completion report & lesson learnt End May 2022


Quotations are due no later than 18th October 2021 (5pm, Dili time) and please send your proposal for the attention of joaninha.lu@thepalladiumgroup.com . The successful provider will be notified by 28th October 2021.

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