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November 30, 2021


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  1. Introduction

The Workforce Development program funded by the Australian government to support Timor-Leste’s workforce development goals. The program has two main components managing Scholarship and alumni program and Australia Labour Mobility Schemes, both programs has been implemented with close collaboration with Government of Timor-Leste

The End-of-program outcome is that Timor-Leste women and men supported by the program utilize their skills, knowledge, work experience and income.

The Workforce Development program through its components supports human capacity and leadership development through Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) study in Australia and mobilisation of seasonal workers to work and gain experience in Australia through the Labour Mobility Schemes program, the program continues provide on-going professional development for both the alumni after completion of study and the returned seasonal workers after working in Australia.

  1. Background

The current Australia Awards Scholarships and Alumni Timor-Leste (AA-TL) program is delivered under the Australian government-funded Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste (WDPTL). Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) are prestigious international awards offered by the Australian Government to the next generation of global leaders for development. Through study and research, recipients develop the skills and knowledge to drive change and help build enduring people-to-people links with Australia.

Australia Awards scholarship program is offered for Timorese to undertake tertiary study in Australia since 2000. The awards support long-term education in Australia at Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral levels, targeting priority human resource and development needs in Timor-Leste as aligned with the priorities of the Australian development program.

  1. Purpose of Contractor(s)

The following is the objective of the advertisement video for Australia Awards Scholarship 2023 intake:

  • To clearly outline to prospective scholarship applicants the availability of scholarships, the application opening and closing dates and where to find further information about the scholarship.
  • To attract more scholarship applications from marginalised groups including people with disabilities, those living in rural areas and women, who have historically had less access to formal education
  1. Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the contractor are to direct and produce a branded advert and radio advert that support the promotion of the 2023 Australia Awards which will help potential applicants navigate the application process.

The Australia Awards Timor-Leste requires the production of the following product:

  1. TV & radio advertisement AAS 2023 intake

The purpose of the TV and radio advertisement is to clearly outline to prospective scholarship applicants, the availability of scholarships, the application opening and closing dates, and where to find further information.

Through both the TV and radio adverts, we want to attract more scholarship applications from marginalised groups including people with disabilities, those living in rural areas and women, who have historically had less access to formal education.

The advertisement for radio and TV (both 1 minute in length) will promote AAS and advise potential applicants on how to apply as well as inform them of the application process and timeframe

The advertisement will target Timorese citizens who are either:

  • Timorese young men and women with the potential to complete undergraduate studies in priority areas in Australia and contribute to the future development of Timor-Leste
  • Graduates with the potential to successfully complete post-graduate studies and contribute to future development of Timor-Leste, and
  • People with a disability who have the potential to successfully complete their course with appropriate support and adjustment and contribute to future development of Timor-Leste

The script – TV and Radio:

“Do you want to be a leader in your field and join an inspiring network of changemakers? Apply now for an Australia Awards Scholarship. More than a degree, you will gain a world-class education and a life-changing experience in Australia. We support you to live and study successfully. Our application process is open and competitive, providing equal opportunity to all eligible people. Scholarships available for the 2023 intake are at undergraduate and post-graduate level. We especially encourage people from rural areas, women, and people with disabilities to apply. Advance your career and make a vital contribution to the development of your country. Make a difference. Visit Australia awards Timor-Leste website www.australiaawardstl.org or email us at scholarships@australiaawardstl.org, you can also contact us on 3322602. “

Further detail:

  • For the TV advertisement the contractor will need to film three alumni at their work and some footage from the Alumni of the Year 2021 event on the evening of Thursday 9th December to be included in the footage.
  • The contractor will use some existing footage of alumni.
  • The contractor will be required to record a voice over and select and provide music to create the 1-minute advert. The voice over will also be used for the radio advert. The voice over artist will be an existing Australia Awards alumni.

The TV and radio adverts first draft must be completed and provided to Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste by 18 January 2022 with a final product completed by 26 January 2022. All products must be supplied in the correct formats (details will be provided to the selected supplier), so they are ready to air.

As a reference guide please view previous scholarship intake TV adverts via our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGlzmqMvmc8

You can also visit our Australia Awards Timor-Leste website www.australiaawardstl.org

  1. Documents Required

Interest Interested contractor (organisation or company) is required to provide a technical proposal comprised of:

  • A company profile including your experience in film/video advert production
  • A detail plan and timeline for the advertisement video production
  • A detail proposed budget cost (must be in USD)
  1. Timelines

AAS advertisement video production should follow the timeline in the table below:


No Activities Time
1 Briefing with selected contractor 6 December 2021
1 First draft video for review 18 January 2022
2 Second draft video for final edit 24 January 2022
3 Final video for Embassy approval 26 January 2022
  1. Reporting:
  • The filmmaker will report to the Scholarships Alumni Support Manager and WDPTL Media & Communications staff throughout the film planning, production and sign off process.
  1. Experience and Equipment Required
  • Equivalent work expertise/experience relating to the production of equivalent film products.
  • Demonstrated experience in film
  • The filmmaker is required to have necessary software to shoot, edit and produce both films.
  • Well-developed oral and written English language skills
  • Understanding of the Timor-Leste context including the social, cultural, political, and institutional factors affecting development in Timor-Leste including gender and disability inequalities
  • Awareness of the Australia Awards Scholarship program would be an advantage
  • Experience with DFAT processes and procedures specially in Media and Communication system (desirable)

Quotations are due on 30th November 2021 (5pm, Dili time) and please send your proposal for the at joaninha.lu@thepalladiumgroup.com



Palladium will assess each submission based on Selection Panel Report, and will be based on compliance with this Request for Quotation (RFQ), ability to meet the requirement as specified and overall value for money using the following criteria:

  • How you propose to provide the Goods/Services specified in this RFQ.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage/deliver the Goods/Services in terms of:
  • The range and quality of services offered;
  • Understanding of the requirement, ability to meet deadlines, implementation methodology and project management processes;
  • Proven subject matter expertise;
  • Past relevant performance (including goods/service delivery, performance management and assurance), and
  • Expertise of particular individual(s) and subcontractors nominated to perform or provide the Goods/Services.

The fee to be charged for providing the Goods/Services.

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