Australia Awards Alumni Showcase on Women’s Health
Australia Awards Alumni Showcase on Women’s Health featuring presentations on “Parental Acceptance . . . of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in Timor-Leste” and on “Sexual and Reproductive Health for Youth and Adolescents in Timor-Leste” followed by a Q&A discussion.
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Alumni of the Year Awards Celebration
The second Alumni of the Year Awards acknowledge the contribution made by Australia Award alumni to . . . the development of Timor-Leste.
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Inauguration of a water drilling, drip irrigation and greenhouse project at Community Development Training Centre
CDC currently delivers a Certificate I in Agriculture and will use its new facilities to improve . . . technical training skills and to apply for accreditation at Certificate II.
The facilities will be officially opened by the Secretary of State for Training, Alarico de Rosario and Nick Cumpston from the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste.




Opening of new restaurant and training facilities at CFIJC
On Tuesday 15th December, Manatuto will gain a new restaurant and students at CFIJC will get . . . practical training facilities.
The new facilities will be inaugurated by the Secretary of State for SEFOPE, Alarico de Rosario and the Australian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter Roberts.
The project was developed in partnership between the Australian Government, SEFOPE and INDMO.

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The second Alumni of the Year award was presented by Australia’s Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter

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Employment issues kept in focus with extension of RTTL talk show series Dalan ba Hetan Empregu
Media Release: 23 September 2021, Dili 11.00am
Today in Dili President of Radio and Television of . . . East Timor (RTTL E.P.), Snr. José António Belo and Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste (WDPTL) Team Leader, Snr. Kirk Gibson signed an agreement extending a new TV Talk show ‘Dalan ba Hetan Empregu’ until June 2022.
The Talk show is an initiative of the Secretariat of State for Training and Employment (SEFOPE) and WDPTL, providing a platform for voices and ideas focused on pathways to employment for Timor-Leste’s growing youth population. Guests to date include H.E. Jose Ramos Horta, Snr. Alararico do Rosario, Secretary of State for SEFOPE, the CEO of BNCTL and the chief of staff of the Office of the Prime Minister.
At the signing ceremony President of Radio and Television of East Timor (RTTL E.P.), Snr. José António Belo said, “We are very happy to sign this agreement with WDPTL, as through this agreement we will improve Dalan ba Hetan Empregu TV talk show program that can inspire our youth and to remind our government sector.”
The Dalan ba Hetan Empregu Talkshow is on air fortnightly on RTTL, Wednesday’s at 8pm. Up and coming shows will explore the role of employers, cooperatives, the training system, youth groups, the church, civil society and political leaders in addressing the unemployment challenge and securing pathways to decent work.
Talkshow moderator and Employment Specialist, Geraldo Ximenes said ‘With the pandemic impacting employment rates, combined with a rise in young Timorese entering the job market and Presidential elections next year the Talkshow series provides a timely forum to hold conversations to identify sustainable solutions to Timor-Leste’s unemployment challenges.
Twitter: @WorkForceDevTL #DBHE #SDG8




Atu selebra Loron Nasional Joventude, Radio no Televizaun Timor-Leste (RTTL) sei halo emisaun . . . programa espesial Dalan ba Hetan Empregu ba joventude iha loron Sesta 12 Novembru, tuku 8.00 kalan
Programa televizivu espesial ida ne’e inisia husi Sekretaria Estado ba Formasaun Profisional no Empregu (SEFOPE sigla Portuguese) no Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste (WDPTL sigla Portuguese), oferese plata forma ida atu fo lian no idea sira hodi foka dalan empregu ba ema foinsae Timor-Leste.
Iha Talkshow ne’e sei aprezenta reprezentante husi Konselu Foinsae , parlamentu foinsae no empresariu foinsae fasilita husi UNDP no sentru inovasaun , empresariu café nain nebe susesu ona no representante SEFOPE nia direitur Nasional ba Empregu External. , Diskusaun ne’e sei emfaze liu asuntu no solusaun sira atu suporta jerasaun foinsae sira atu buka servisu.
Emprezariu café nain no membru painel talkshow senhor Mariano da Costa Alves, ‘Ameta’, sei fahe oinsa nia sai emprezariu no dezafiu sira nia infrenta asegura ninia investimentu ,
“ Premeiru ha’u servisu iha loja Kafe Letefoho coffee nudar barista durante tinan 4 , aprende oinsa halo café ida ho kualidade diak ba merkadu Internasional …. Ha’u iha mehi ida atu loke ha’u nia loja café rasik ” dehan Ameta. Maibe ida ne’e la akuntese too ha’u hetan oportunidade servisu iha Australia liuhusi programa Seasonal worker, nune’e nia bele rai nia osan ba buat nebe nia presiza atu investe ninia loja rasik kuda no exporta café ba merkadu internasional sira .
Presidente Alumi Parlamentu Foinsae Sr, Zaulino da Silva, sei explora importansia edukasaun vokasional apoiu ema foinsae sira atu servisu. . Iha parte seluk reprezentante UNDP senhor Francelino Guterres sei foka ba apoiu treinamentu nebe disponivel ba ema foinsae sira atu buka servisu ka harii rasik sira nia negosiu Nia emfaze katak “Knua Juventude Fila Liman (UNDP nia sentru ba empresariu foinsae no inovasaun ) maka sentru ba foinsae nebe bele rona lian ema foinsae nian no fo oportundiade ba sira atu asesu ba informasaun empregu nian .”
Senhora Maria Dadi Magno, Presidente Conselho Joventude Timor-Leste (CNJTL) , nia sei foka papel CNJTL aprezenta foinsae sira nia hanoin ba governu Timor-Leste no ema halo desizaun sira.
Direitur Nasional Empregu externa husi SEFOPE , Sr. Filomeno Soares sei koalia konaba governu nia esttratejia atu apoiu ema foinsae buka servisu.
Atu rona diskusaun klean , keta haluha haree talkshow espesial iha loron Nasional ba joventude iha loron Sesta kalan tuku 8;00 – 9.30 (12 Novembru 2021) depois notisias kalan. .
Atu fahe ita boot sira nia openiaun kona-ba importansia atu investe iha empregu ba foinsae sira no atu buka detalla kona-ba kampanha Dalan ba Hetan Empregu, favour vizita webpage:

Dalan ba Hetan Empregu (DBHE)

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