Meet Hospitality Trainer Lucas da Silva

Former seasonal worker and trainer at STVJ Camea, Lucas da Silva, is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge to help young people with their future job prospects, especially in Timor-Leste’s growing hospitality industry.

From housekeeping to bar tender and cooking skills, Lucas combines theory and practice in his teaching approach, drawing on the experiences and knowledge he gained working in hospitality for four seasons in Australia.

“It takes discipline and skill to be able to work in Australia – I want to share that with my students so they so they have the right skills and knowledge to be able to find job opportunities after graduating from this centre”.

Working in Australia not only helped Lucas save money to build a house, support his family and build a boarding house in Becora, it also improved his English. A skill he is now using to run free English language classes in his community in Romit, for children and youth so they can be better prepared for job opportunities in the future.

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