Kampaña Dalan ba Hetan Empregu

Tempu to'o ona kria oportunidade serbisu ba foinsa’e sira

Oinsá ho ita-nia hanoin?

What is the Dalan ba Hetan Empregu Campaign about and what does it aim to achieve?

The VIIIth Government of Timor-Leste has plans to create 60,000 new jobs a year and the Economic Recovery Plan aims to create more decent jobs, but instead unemployment is increasing, and COVID-19 has caused further job losses.

At current estimates unemployment is 11.9% but amongst young people it is much higher. Research from UNDP found 21.1% of 25-29 year olds were unemployed (UNDP March 2021) and Monash University estimates that youth unemployment is 30% overall with one in three seeking work unable to find any.

Young people make up 70% of the population, with more each year reaching employment age. This youth bulge demands the attention of policy makers and leaders. Young people themselves deserve a future which includes decent work and a living wage.

Finding solutions to this problem is both a complex and urgent economic and social policy challenge. It requires Timor-Leste’s best minds to develop solutions, young people to use their voice, and for those in power to work together to take real action to create jobs.

With National Elections in May 2022  and  2023 and a new  government initiative inviting young people’s feedback www.youthconversationstl.com there is a unique window of opportunity to come together, discuss solutions and to help make job creation and training for young people a national priority.

We are a group of organisations, individuals, public servants, and opinion formers looking to do just that – Join us and help achieve national political and public focus on youth employment in the run up to Timor-Leste’s National elections in 2022 and 2023.

Take Action

National Youth Day TV Talkshow

Our National Youth Day Dalan ba Hetan Empregu Youth Special on 12 November includes panellists Mana Didi Soares Magno, President of the Council of Youth, coffee entrepreneur and Café owner Maun Ameta and UNDP’s SEEWAY Project Manager, Francelino Guterres who will discuss youth employment issues and solutions. Also featuring a specially written song by Izu Mausoko.

Atu selebra Loron Nasionál Juventude, Radio no Televizaun Timor-Leste (RTTL) sei halo emisaun programa espesial  “Dalan ba Hetan Empregu ba juventude” iha loron Sesta 12 Novembru,  tuku 8.00 kalan.

Programa talk-show espesiál ida ne’e inisia husi Sekretária Estado ba Formasaun Profisionál no Empregu (SEFOPE sigla Portuguese)  no Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste (WDPTL sigla Inglés), hodi oferese plata forma ida atu rona lian no idea sira ne’ebé foka ba dalan atu  hetan empregu ba foin-sae Timor-Leste.

Talkshow ne’e sei aprezenta reprezentante sira husi Konsellu Foinsa’e Timor-Leste, parlamentu foinsa’e, UNDP nia sentru emprezáriu no inovasaun ba foinsa’e, emprezariu café nain nebe susesu ona no SEFOPE nia Direitur Nasionál ba Empregu External. Diskusaun ne’e sei emfaze liu problema no solusaun ba apoiu Timor-Leste nia jerasaun foinsae sira hodi hetan servisu.

Dalan ba Hetan Empregu TV Talkshow

Our monthly Dalan ba Hetan Empregu TV Talkshow provides a platform for key decision makers, influencers and young people to propose solutions to youth unemployment.

From ministers to directors, from employment experts to private sector representatives panel guests to date have included Jose Ramos Horta, Secretary of State for SEFOPE, Alarico do Rosario and businessman, Siu Peng Lay and INDMO Director Isabel Fernandes de Lima and more.

Voices of young people


(Tetum Version) Emprendedora ho idade tolu-nulu resin tolu, mana Leonia Lemos, husi Dili iha ona int


(Tetum version) Taxa dezempregu iha Timor-Leste sa’e desde nasaun ne’e hetan ninia independensia


(Tetum version) Joven balu iha Timor-Leste, liuliu sira ne’ebé hela iha munisípiu sira laos iha

Dalan Ba Hetan Empregu Blog

Dalan Ba Hetan Empregu Blog

  (Tetun version)   Ita nia nasaun harii ho prinsipiu prinsipal rua, mak hanesan liberdade ba

How can I improve my job prospects?

Job creation

Do you want to start your own business?

Free entrepreneur training and business advice is available via UNDP’s KJFL

BNCTL also offer low cost loans.

Job ready

Getting the right skills will help improve your job prospects.

For new school leavers consider volunteering with an organisation to help you develop these skills.

For information about training institutions visit the INDMO website

Uma Amerika is a US government funded library located at UNTL in Liceu. It offers free English courses for young people through its English Conversation Club program. To find out more email: umaamerika@gmail.com or call 77917617

English Language School LELI also provides academic English courses – visit www.leli.tl

Job opportunities

To keep up to date with job opportunities take the following actions:

Our campaign partners

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